Nuclear CRM for Financial Advisors

Nuclear CRM is an online platform to manage various functions of your financial advice business. Keep track of all your leads, opportunities, workflows, compliance finance and more while offering an excellent customer experience with Nuclear CRM.

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A powerful, integrated platform that drives conversions

Designed to fit businesses of all sizes, Nuclear CRM delights your sales team by offering all the tools they'll ever need.
Collaborate and take charge
Work with your team, assign tasks, and track projects with an integrated project management tool powered by Zoho Projects.
Securely sign any document
Create and sign approval forms, agreements, contracts, and sales orders in any document format with integrated e-signature powered by Zoho Sign.
Engage customers across channels
Begin conversations and maintain comprehensive interaction histories for all your customer interactions across email, live chat, telephone, social media, and in person.
Crunch numbers and crush targets
Use Nuclear CRM's inbuilt advanced reports and dashboards to make business decisions based on powerful insights. Always stay in the know by scheduling and sharing periodic reports.
Work effortlessly with automation
Save your team from the manual work required to update fields, send emails, and schedule follow-ups using Nuclear CRM's advanced workflow rules and macros.
Customize your Nuclear CRM experience
Create custom modules, layouts, and fields to your Nuclear CRM account to make it work the way your business does and to capture your team's unique requirements.

Our Features

Fully featured. Full of context.

Connect in real time with customers and prospects, across all channels. From email to phone, live chat, and even social media. SalesSignals notifies you when a hot prospect is browsing your site, reading your email campaign, or engaging with your brand on social media.

Bring all your channels together in an organized timeline, and reach out to every prospect.
See your emails organized according to the CRM pipeline, and respond to the customers who matter most with Zoho SalesInbox.
Click to connect. Contact customers over the phone inside CRM, with a single click.
Understand what people are saying about your brand, and capture leads from social media into your CRM
Live Chat
Turn visitors into converts. Initiate a live chat with website viewers to find out where they're coming from, what they're looking for, and whether they're new or returning customers
Let your customers, vendors and partners access their past purchases, cases, and invoices through distinct portals to make informed buying decisions.

Milestones, task lists and tasks help you break down complex projects into easily manageable units. Get more refined control with subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies.

Project Planning
Milestones, task lists and tasks help you break down complex projects into easily manageable units.
Gantt Charts
Gantt charts provide a detailed visual on the progress of your tasks in comparison to what was planned.
Project Coordinator
Feeds make staying updated with the latest in your projects as easy as browsing your favorite social network.
All members working on a project can easily log their billable and non-billable hours.
Reporting Tools
Zoho Reports is our advanced analytics and business intelligence app.
Collaboration Software
Employees, clients, vendors or consultants, nearby or from remote locations, all can work together seamlessly with a set of collaboration tools
Document Management
Share text files, spreadsheets, presentations and other documents associated with your team and work on them together.
G Suite
Zoho Projects offers a rich, integrated experience for G Suite users that includes single sign-on, integration with Google Drive, Google Calendar and Gmail
Log issues and track them as they get fixed and tested. Define custom workflows and business rules.

Financial or Accounting software that helps your business grow.

Let the money roll in with Zoho Books. Send quotes to your customers and easily see when they've been approved.
Get a clear view of the purchases you make for your business. Record expenses and send bills from a single location in Zoho Books.
Contact Management
Organize all your customers and vendors in one central place. Give each organization a primary contact person, a billing address, and default payment terms.
Stay on top of your inventory at all times. Zoho Books automatically updates your inventory levels when you make a sale or a purchase.
When you grow your business, the volume of transactions also grows. Skip manual entry with our automatic banking feeds.
Make informed business decisions based on accurate, real-time data to optimize your sales and purchases.

As Zia learns about your business and your team, it will offer predictions on trends, anomalies, conversions, and deals closing. Zia also automatically automates recurring tasks to speed up your sales cycle.

Zia Voice
Get Zia on the line, or online. Through call or chat, ask her for record info, reports or to add new data to CRM.
Lead and Deal Predictions
Identify the probability of a lead/deal slipping away or closing by analyzing the sales activities of each record
Zia forms trends for the activities that go into every sale to predict future irregularities in sales trends.
Intelligent Automation
Zia monitors automation and offers suggestions to correct the workflows that run your sales process.
Email Sentiment
Analyze the tone of your customers from their emails to craft the best response and make the best pitch.
Best Time to Contact
Contact customers when they’re likely to answer calls or check emails by setting reminders for Zia’s suggestions.

The more your business grows, the more you need to know. Measure the performance of every sales activity, and break up quotas into achievable targets with CRM’s reports, analytics, and forecasts.

Real-time reporting gives you insight into a variety of metrics such as sales trends, marketing campaigns, activity reports, and team performance.
Create dashboards, analyze trends, stay on top of your key performance indicators, and know where you stand on your targets.
Make more accurate forecasts. Predict future sales and measure them against current sales.

Customize standard modules, add additional functionalities, and make CRM work the way you do. With custom views, filters, and fields, decide how much data you want to see at any given time, and in the language you prefer.

Create layouts for different processes, control what data enters your CRM, and close more sales in less time.
Turn a record into a warehouse of information by associating data from across modules in a tabular form.
Link records across multiple modules, and establish unique relationships between them.
Custom Components
Customize the information you want to see inside CRM with custom modules, fields, and buttons.
Add custom functionalities to your CRM account through Deluge scripts, our low-code scripting language.
Views and Filters
Personalize the way you see data inside CRM with custom views. Work efficiently with advanced filters.

Does your sales team know what to do at each stage in the pipeline – and do they follow the playbook? With Blueprint, your sales team knows at every turn what to do next. Define your sales process, and all your team has to do is follow it.

Build and execute custom sales processes with Blueprint—the easiest way to do process automation.
Approval Process
Approval Rules in Zoho CRM help you get the right sales agents on board to resolve pending requests.
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Essential Integrations for Financial Advisors

Make working with multiple apps a seamless experience through out of the box integrations with your favourite apps.

Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consulting provides end-to-end services, from strategy to implementation, to help you accelerate change and deliver business outcomes through the power of digital technology.

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